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Whats new in flat foot

For ages and decades, flat foot has been a mystery for the orthopedicians, physiotherapists and other health care professionals. Doctors exactly don’t know what to do and patients don’t know where to go?
At Delhi Foot, we know exactly what lies beneath the flat arch.The treatment follows an exhaustive workup from spine till toe and a dedicated time is spent in understanding the cause and effect of the pathology.
With the advent of highly advanced new generation Hyprocure titanium subtalar stent, the treatment for flat foot has not only been made accurate but also less invasive and affordable.In mild to moderate cases, who have the potential to worsen, Hyprocure Subtalar stent is inserted in foot joint and pathology is corrected. Interesting, it not only corrects flat foot but also some conditions of forefoot like bunion and hallux valgus. It’s a 25 minute day care procedure after which patient can walk back home same day.
For those which are very highly advanced cases, reconstructive bony surgery is required. The aim of treatment is to allow the patient a healthy pain free walk with a foot which is cosmetically not only acceptable but also likable.

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