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Patient Testimonials

I had a pain in my foot for a while. I met few other doctors before Dr Abhishek. Those Doctors just gave me some pain killers. But pain was always there. When I met Dr Abhishek he said it might be a fracture . I got my MRI done and it was confirmed that I had a stress fracture. Thanks to Dr Abhishek. Very professional. I am under cast now. God bless him.

Sunil Chhabra (Feb, 2018)

Myself living in Australia, had the opportunity to meet Dr Jain at New Delhi and discuss my problems of foot orthotics as well as knees' severe pains. I must say that Dr Jain has latest knowledge and rich vast experience in these fields. I was given the best advice. He has equally capable staff to assist him in giving the best of services.
I wish him lots of success in the service to suffering humankinds.

Naresh Kumar (Feb, 2018)

Dr. Abhishek jain is very courteous, friendly and is highly professional.
I was diagnosed with an ankle ligament and tendon tear due to which I had to undergo a surgery . He also guided me pre-surgery and post-surgery with a personal touch All thanks to him I will be able to return to sports and other activities .
He is the best in his profession and I would recommend him for any ankle and foot injury

Anoushka Yadav (Feb, 2018)

Knowledgeable and efficient solutions.

Darrylle Stafford (Feb, 2018)

I have a Hip Issue and visited many orthopedic and everyone is telling me different story for the pain in Hip without any evidence and then I get a chance to meet Dr Abhishek Jain and he will explained all the issue and necessary action required to cure this. I thanks him from the bottom of my heart for providing support and successful completion of surgery and even he will be observing me in every step of my growth post surgery. This is true example of Best practice should be fallowed by every Consultant.
Once again thanks a lot for so courteous , honest and Support.

Ashutosh Srivastava (Jan, 2018)

Happy with Doctor friendliness
He is approachable , courteous and professionally very sound.
I was diagnosed with ankle ligament tear , the way he counselled me before and after the surgery , even planned the post surgery rehab was just outstanding but most of all he understands the psychology of the patient.
All thanks to him I will be able to get back to sports again :)

Anoushka yadav (Jan, 2018)

Visited For Elbow Deformity Corrections
Doctor is very highly experienced in his field🤗he finds the problems in 1st visit and starts testament. All treatment was well planned and time framed, My daughter suffering from GENU VALGUM RIGHT KNEE . AFTER 7 MONTH'S SHE IS WELL AND I AM TOTLY SATISFIED WITH DOCTOR .

Meenakshi Gupta (Jan, 2018)

Visited ForFoot & Ankle
Happy withDoctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, So far very good. Very professional and down to earth. First meeting had been excellent. Seems that I am at a right place for my problem.

Dhruv Chhabra (Jan, 2018)

I have had multiple ankle sprains, for which I saw many orthopaedics but the underlying cause could not be diagnosed. Dr. Abhishek Jain looked at my problem from various angles and at the end proper diagnosis was made and I underwent a ligament reconstruction surgery.
The positive of working with Dr. Abhishek is his approachability and sincerity towards his patients. He would keep the patients involved in the entire process and would not hesitate to take second opinions wherever required. This helped me be comfortable with and confident in going for the surgery. I also d the professionalism being displayed at Delhi Foot. I would definitely recommend it for any foot and ankle related troubles.

Kalika Jain (Jan, 2018)

Doctor Abhishek is down to earth and a nice person.
of course he does a good job,he worked his magic on my mom as she was suffering from neck pain from a couple of years,and within a week almost 90% of her pain is gone,and yes His staff as well is sweet and helpful!
Doctor Abhishek Jain took such wonderful care of my mom,explaining things carefully. he couldn't have been nicer or more professional. Great combination

Minaz Bhat (Jan, 2018)

Delhi foot and dr abhishek jain is tremendous in his field . My daughter suffering from a problem in her right leg limb bone is grown wrong side because this she is unable to running fast and discomfort in walking.
I search dr. Abhishek jain online via PRACTO APP. DR JAIN is master in his field he detect the problem in first visit and start treatment with well planned manner and suggest a surgery with a implant of steel plate and give 8 to 9months time for fix the problem but after 7 months my daughter is feeling very well and his leg is right in shapes and she is running and walking normal way.

Sanjay Gupta (Jan, 2018)

Was thinking what to write about this amazing doctor as well as a great human...Words will be less to explain about his great ability to cure the ailments which are though complicated in nature but his way to treat them make it very simple...I visited abhishek 3 times each after major accidents but all time ...Guys I let u know he made me as fit as I was before injuries...His motivation and way of talking always gave me a positive attitude to come out with injuries ...I wish him all the best for his personal as well as profesional journey ahead

Rishav Sahay (Jan, 2018)

Excellent Doctor . Very Blessed to have a doctor him in India . God Bless you Doctor.

Hisham Khan (Jan, 2018)

Visited For Foot PainFoot & Ankle
The doctor was good with a good hands and latest tech... But what I didn't like was the punctuality...we waited for 3 days for getting our x ray analysed which was a little disappointing from my side as I had come to delhi on a short notice. Rest was good..

Shaurya (Dec, 2017)

Dr. Abhishek is an excellent doctor as he seen my kid Bhavya and now is well. Thanks a really lot sir

Renukant Sharma(Dec, 2017)

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction
Dr. Abhishek Jain is a very nice and experienced doctor. The way you explained the cause of my suffering, and treated my problem is commendable. I had a great experience. Dr. Abhishek Jain is also a very good surgeon. I am feeling much better now after my treatment. I would like to suggest everyone whosoever is having any problem, should visit Delhi Foot

Sonam Kumari(Dec, 2017)

Visited For Shoulder Impingement
It was nice to meet the doctor.He listens patiently n explains about d problem in detail.Gives ample time.I Am satisfied.Is a gud doctor.

Vijay Arora (Dec, 2017)

It was great getting treatment from Delhi foot.
Dr. Abhishek Jain and his helping hand both was very courteous and prompt,Dr. Is himself very friendly which really helps in smooth operation, I had a quite big corn in my leg, I consulted him and now it is totally cured I recommend every one who is suffering from corn or any other bone issues out there to consult him it will be very easy and nice experience for u all too.....

Yuvraj Singh (Nov, 2017)

Had an ingrown toenail while travelling in India. Im a retired American, with the Health Department. Sought out a foot specialist, in this case, Dr. Jain. He expertly diagnosed the problem, and recommended treatment. He treated the toe on the same visit. Dr. Jain has good clinical skills, and a good bedside manner. Follow up visit to determine the procedure had no complications. Both the doctor and his staff were prompt, courteous, and professional.

Jim Wilkins (Nov, 2017)

Happy withDoctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction
Definately explains everything and is pretty helpful . Listens to what the patient has to say and is very friendly

User (Nov, 2017)

Happy withDoctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money
He is so good.... He listened the problem patiently and gave the best advice, I took first dose of medicine that he prescribed and got very Relief in pain.... Very good doctor... Thanks to him

Madhu (Oct, 2017)

Dr. Abhishek Jain is a very able and competent doctor for foot related problems and surgery.I definitely recommend him.

Sudhir Gulati (Sep, 2017)

I had come to consult Dr. Abhishek Jain (Delhi Foot) after consulting multiple doctors for my fractured elbow. During my first interaction he put me at ease un the other doctors who pushed me to wear the cast for about a month and a half. He was calm and confident when he explained the surgery details and I agreed immediately. The surgery was performed excellently and he took a lot of care personally. As informed by the doctor, the pain vanished within a week of the surgery. It's been a month now, my elbow is as good as before. No complains at all.
Never thought of this fast recovery.
I am really thankful to Dr Abhishek for the wonderful treatment and care.

Priyanshu Jain (Aug, 2017)

I had consulted a couple of doctors regarding meniscus tear in my knee when my cousin suggested me to take medical consultation from Dr. Abhishek Jain. I was operated by him and now I am recovering at a good pace. I will strongly recommend it to any person who is facing trouble in legs.

Chandni Shrivastav (Aug, 2017)

I would reccomend Dr. Abhishek Jain for any podiatric issue, I was very scared for the wart removal surgery, however my entire treatment was quite painless and he really got experienced in it

Madhumita Talukdar (Aug,2017)

A great experience indeed...Dr Abhishek Jain and his physio team have done an excellent job...My pain was chronic and recurring and I thought its going to get worse and stay there forever...but after consulting Dr Jain and taking the physio sittings and timely meds had a positive effect on my feet and I am now completely cured and back to normal...Thank you Dr. Jain.

Ratul Biswas (Aug, 2017)


Amit Murarka (July, 2017)

I met Dr. Abhishek Jain for massive corns on the underside of both my feet. Not only is he a great and knowledgable doctor, but he is also very good at easing the patient and answering all queries and questions. His process is very methodical and thorough. I would highly recommend him to everyone who is enduring problems in their feet.

Seerat Sindhu (May, 2017)

It was very satisfactory. He explained the problem and treatment nicely and was very patient.I would definitely recommend bcoz there r very few doctors specialised in foot problems.

Jyoti Bhati (May, 2017)

Very nice experience. Good advice given. We will surely recommend to family and friends.great service

User (May, 2017)

Great experience ,Dr Abhishek is very well informed ,he made me aware that I did not have flat feet ,which other doctor I saw earlier did not.A thorough professional and expert in his field.

Manish (May, 2017)

Visited For Foot Pain
He understood, analysed and explained the issue very well with my son's sore feet due to soccer play. Really a true expert who knows his trait very well. I am highly impressed.

Vishal (May, 2017)

It was very nice experience. The most important thing about the doctor I want to mention is that his diagnosis was very good. I am very much satisfied with the doctor. I found him very nice and friendly.

Manjeet Kumar (May, 2017)

Dr Jain is undoubtedly very experienced. His approach is very remarkable.

Verified Patient (May, 2017)

A very good experience. Explained in detail and very professional in his discourse. Appreciated the situation and worked with me to resolve the problem.

Tarun George (May, 2017)

Visited For Foot Pain
It was Very nice. I am Happy to consult with him. I would love to recommend this place to other people. Doctor's suggestions were satisfactory.

Prateek Saini (April, 2017)

Excellent explanation on the subject of flat feet. It was a great experience with the doctor. The discussion was in such a way that it made us confident for further treatment.
Thanks a lot doctor ji.

Sainath (April, 2017)

My nails were chipping, and referred to a dermatologist which is absolutely fine..But he said let me cut your nails, it's going to be a pedicure procedure. I thought, must be something different but rather he cut my nails that to very badly and I could see the blood in every finger. I was really astounded, it was actually funny that just to cut my nails that to very badly, he charged 800 bucks.

Saquib Saifi (April, 2017)

I am from kurukshetra and was reffered to dr abhishek by 3people.Got my surgery done by him for foot arthritis. I am very happy with his approach. During my stay in hospital he really took good care of me. post surgery I am ving no pain.
I all recommend r abhishek to everyone having orthopedic problem specially foot problem

Gurmeet Kaur (March, 2017)

Visited For Slip Disc
Very good.
Problem accurately and properly described.fully satisfied by the treatment..........................

Arobindo oraon (March, 2017)

Visited For Foot Pain
First visit has been good and doctor gave his detailed insight on the problem faced by me for some months. Looking forward to next visit to see positive results

Dinesh Singh Rana (March, 2017)

Visited For Lower Back Pain
Very nice approach. I was satisfied with the time given to me by the doctor.I hope the treatment works. Would recommend Dr abhishek in afganistan

Kubra (March, 2017)

Its a great & relaxing...treat and observe quietly and calmly comments clearly and advice accordingly...

Praveen Rana (March, 2017)

Visited For Foot Pain
Waiting for results after taking listen to problem patiently. Hope my problem is identified and I am normal

Sandeep Arora (March, 2017)

The doctor was emphatic and heard the problem and discussed the issue succinctly.

Tanmeet Singh (Feb, 2017)

Visited For Hip, Ankle, Knee Injury
Great experience. The doctor reconstructed a very long and complicated cluster of problems with my ankle and its ligaments. Consultation lasted for more than 1.5 hours until everything was 100% clear. Highly recommended! Consultation fee was 1000 rupees, one-time registration fee was 50 rupees.

Kirill Kozhenikov (Feb, 2017)

For my flat foot I was evaluated in detailed and was diagnosedvas a condition called tarsal coalition.Dr abhishek performed the surgery. During and after surgery I didn't have any pain or my physiotherapy is going on and I am very much satisfied and happy. I would recommend every one to visit Dr abhishek for any foot problem. He treated my flat foot very well. Thank you Delhi foot.

Amit Chandila (Feb, 2017)

Excellent counselling and treatment. Doctor is very helpful. Would recommend others to visit Delhifoot and avail the services.

RK Jena (Feb, 2017)

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
Very friendly doctor my problem well explained and approached. I have taken the treatment and all recommend him in afganistan

Faieza (Feb, 2017)

Visited For Lower Back Pain
I am very happy with the approach of doctor. He has advised me surgery. He is very meticulous and polite. I have been treated previously in afganistan and Pakistan but I would take Dr abhishek treatment and would recommend him in Afghanistan also.

Hasibullah Hafizi (January, 2017)

Visited For Foot Pain
Very good doctor.
Very helpful in explaining the problem and initiated the cure on the spot. I will recommend the doctor to others.

Mohd Ali (December, 2016)

Visited For Foot Pain
did not waste time coming straight to the problem. Was very professional and extremely competent.

Vidyut Verma (December, 2016)

Extremely courteous staff. Dr.Abhishek took extreme care of my son and explained everything in detail to him, thereby removing all fears of him getting a plaster on his foot

Mehul Saxena (December, 2016)

The doctor, Abhishek, took pains to explain the reasons and causes of the heel pain, he was very reassuring and took me through his lab to show me the processes followed and the services delivered, liked his commitment to the patient!

J S Jassal (December, 2016)

Young and very interetsted Dr doesnt seem like a roll of the mill business way. Very detailed discussions and explanation. trust recommended treatment will work.

Pradeep Sainani (November, 2016)

The doctor was very friendly. Detailed explanation was given. The treament schedule was systematic and perfect. Positive vibes

Eniyan K (November, 2016)

YWonderful experience. very keen to find the root cause of the problem and prescribe the best solution. All the sessions were very friendly. Feels like visited a doctor in Germany. I have similar experience from the doctors from Germany.

Brijesh Sharma (November, 2016)

It was an introductory meeting. Seemed convincing get back soon after ascertaining insurance details

S Kapoor (November, 2016)

I came to Dr abhishek for my fathers knee pain. I was very satisfied with his treatment and suggestion. I would definitely get the surgery done by him. I all also recommend him to many patients in afganistan.

Mohd Sediq (November, 2016)

I came with ankle fracture and was advised surgery. I am very happy with the treatment. Would recommend Dr abhishek to everybody

Budh Singh (November, 2016)

Visited For Lower Back Pain
I will recommend this S doctor in Afghanistan. I am very happy with his treatment and behaviour. He has recommended me spine surgery which I all surely get done.Allah hafiz

Mir Mahboob Shah (October, 2016)

Doctor abhishek has been very friendly and patient. This is my second visit to him. My previous problem has been sorted out very well. Both time my experience has been great.

Ishan (October, 2016)

Came here for follow up after a month. Heel pain has subsided by 60%. Excellent treatment. Would recommend others having plantar faciitis to visit Delhi foot and Dr. Abhishek Jain.

RK Jena (October, 2016)

I found the doctor to be very relevant, soft spoken. I came here after meeting other orthopedic doctors for my broken left shoulder who advised surgery but Dr abhishek advised non surgical treatment and today after 6 weeks I am almost back to normal life. I would recommend Dr abhishek to everyone.

Bhim singh irene (October, 2016)

Great. Honest opinions about treatment. nothing like past doctors who have used a simple problemfor unnecessary scaring to make more money

User (October, 2016)

treatment options for flat foot.
i have been trying to get flat foot correction for my child for last 2 years but for the first time i have come across a doctor who has solution for the problem which seems to be a solution and affordable to.

R D Yadav (October, 2016)

Visited For Foot Pain
Got all my answers,thanks, finally Delhi has a good doctor who deals into foot problems.thanks a lot. ................

Jagjit Singh (October, 2016)

Great experience. Will definitely recommend this doc and clinic to others. The advice was very specific and the doc took the time necessary to underrstsndmy symptoms andexplai his diadnosisi

Douglas Johnson (October, 2016)

Visited For Foot Pain, Lower Back Pain
The doctor seemed professional,was corteous and his analysis was clear.The X-Ray staff didn't speak English but we managed to communicate nevertheless. The downside are the service fees, they're too high for the quality of service provided.

Verified Patient (September, 2016)

It was an excellent and rememberable experience. The doctor listened to our problem patiently and explained every detail of treatment systematically. Will recommend to everybody to visit once.

RK Jena (September, 2016)

Visited For Knee care
Treatment is very costly rest ok ...,.................... Took very long time but it is OK rest feed back can be shared after treatment

Mr Piyush Banerjee (September, 2016)

Visited For Physiotherapy for Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Dr. Jain has an excellent approach towards treatment of sports injuries. Good overall experience. Highly recommended.

Siddharth padhye (August, 2016)

Overall the experience was very good. Thanks for the treatment Best Wishes and regards Sneha

sneha ashiwal (August, 2016)

The experience was great. He examined me and even though wart was not his domain he checked my foot to see for any cause because of it. Recommended other doctor for treating of wart.

Apoorva Johri (August, 2016)

He explained and answered my questions and listened with patience. Doc spent time diagnosing the problem explained the solution n future course as well.

Aditi (August, 2016)

Excellent consultant . he solved my nail remover problem . I'm Consultant many doctors but finally he resolved my nail problem.

Shiva (August, 2016)

Good understanding of problem and thorough treatment given . Doctor is well qualified .however appointment could not take place at the designated time as doctor was stuck in some surgery

Sumit (July, 2016)

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
The doctor answered my query adequately. I feel extremely confident about my line of treatment. I will surely recommend him to my family/ friends.

Monila jain (July, 2016)

Visited For Fracture Treatment
Hi this is good experience when I entered hospital staff is helping me and cooperate peacefully ...Dr behaviour is very nice he understand my problem and provide guidance ..... I m happy with the service and in future I suggest to other people to visit the same place ....thanks n regards

Nivedita (July, 2016)

The doctor was very interactive. Listened to each and every problem and consulted very carefully and patiently.

Ravijeet Singh Ahluwalia (July, 2016)

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
The doctor examined me very well. Very experienced. Will definitely recommend. Treatment for knee injury. Thanks...

Shalini Mittal (July, 2016)

Visited For Correction of deformities
The experience was v good. Appreciate doctor s indepth explanation of the problem I was facing. Thoroughly satisfied. He was very friendly, polite and courteous.

Sushmita Chowdhury (July, 2016)

Visited For Lower Back Pain
It was nice experience ,got to know the problem in detail and it was interesting to know about biochemical treatment which is only offered here.

Kshitij Kumar (June, 2016)

I just met him. I can't say much right away but he seems to be more concerned with other problems besides me (a patient who is in front of him).may be, it is too quick but you asked me ;)

Hidam Gaurashyam Singh (June, 2016)

Visited For Foot Pain
It's a clean hospital and the doctor treated really well. Liked the services provided by the doctor and the staff. Thanks!

Jaya Shahi (June, 2016)

Dr abhishek was as friendly as could be expected and I have now the complete idea of the extent of my problem. I am sure on the next appointment things will turn out good as well

Abu Darda (June, 2016)

Visited For Knee Pain
Detailed investigation carried out, will assess after medication. Dr. Jain seems to be expert in his field

Kanwar Deep Singh Gulati (May, 2016)

Visited For Hip, Ankle, Knee Injury
Very attentive and a detailed examination. Highly satisfied. The doctor explained everything very well.
Thank you.

Abhishek Jain (May, 2016)

Visited For Foot Pain
First examination was very good. He ordered insoles for me. Since then I am struggling for an appointment. I took an appointment, and was told the doctor is not in. It's very difficult to get the doctor and his assistant together. Must say till now I am not impressed.

Gagan Agarwal (May, 2016)

Visited For Foot Pain
Excellent....his approach towards patient and disease is totally different from what we see in India. Let's see how the treatment goes!!!

Sudha Gupta (May, 2016)

Visited For Orthopedic physical therapy
Wonderful experience while treatment, everything was well planned and systematic. Very reliable, patient and knowledgeable doc.

Anurag Nanda (May, 2016)

Visited For Knee Pain
It was really good and the doctor explained everything in great detail. Lot of insight was given on the pattern of treatment and it's culmination.

Meenakshi Sharma (May, 2016)

I went to Dr abhishek jain for numbness of foot. He did a detailed examination followed by foot scan, then used vibrometer to test my sensation. After a thorough check up and a 5 page documented report....he gave me a diagnosis and treatment. I m highly impressed with his detailing and his meticulousness.I wish he never loses his dedication for the patient. Gud luck

Mr. Chandra Prakash (May, 2016)

Visited For Foot Pain
I would like to thank Dr jain for his polite and attentive attitude. I have never come across any doc who has been so patient. I hope his medicine and instruction works.

Sanjay Jain (May, 2016)

Brilliant orthopedician. A true human carpenter...Fixed my broken arm with a plate and I am back to work now.

Bharat Soni (May, 2016)

Visited For Neck Pain Treatment
Knowing that Dr abhishek is a foot and ankle & joint surgeon, I was little apprehensive of the fact that should I show my neck pain. I must say he is a complete orthopedic surgeon and after showing him I m much better off.

Sunita Jain (May, 2016)

I appreciate the way Dr jain handles an ailing limb. He examined my swollen knee and took out huge amount of water from it without giving any pain to me. I am on his medication and doing much better. Many thanks to him.

Khima (May, 2016)

Visited For Joint and Muscle Problems
Thanks first of all to Dr.Abhishek whom I found so thorough and sound understanding of my problem and made me understand what was going wrong within my joints structure and abrupt treatment protocol decided. I am really moved by the way he has compiled himself as a skilled clinician and overall pious human being. I wish people should pay at least a visit to him and I hope they will find its the right place.

Rupali Roy (May, 2016)

Visited For Knee care
Dr. Was attending a serious patient that's why I had to wait for 10 min. But doctor gave me enough time to sort out my knee problem.
Overall it was a good experience

Chanchal Bharti (May, 2016)

Visited For Physiotherapy for Sports Injury Rehabilitation
I was happy to see the advanced technology machines used to treat the patients. The clinic was very clean. Dr.Abhishek Jain did the assessment in a fully dedicated and clinical way which was quiet convincing.

Ravi Verma (May, 2016)

Visited For Hip Pain
Initially I was disappointed by the chaos and the crowd of the patient but as I met the doctor I was highly impressed with his attitude. I have yet to see his result but 1st impression was great. Suggestion : increase the staff to manage the crowd.

Lina (May, 2016)

The doctor was very concerned. I got much relief from his treatment. My heel condition is much better than what it was earlier.

Chaitali Bhattacharya (May, 2016)

Visited For Joint Replacement Surgery
I got my aunt's knee replacement done by Dr abhishek jain. She has been doing very well since then. I get much appreciate his politeness and dedication towards his work.

Rohit Patni (May, 2016)

I was treated by Dr abhishek jain. The surgery went very fine and today I m on my feet because of him. Thank you Dr jain..wish u good luck .

Prem Raj (May, 2016)

It was exhaustive analysis carried to analyze the problem. Overall experience was excellent. Appreciate the overall observation.

Nidhi Sachdeva (May, 2016)

I want to thank Dr abhishek jain for fixing my wrist and now I can use my wrist again without any problem. The surgery was a great success and I feel I never had a fracture.

Ranjeet Singh (May, 2016)

Visited For Heel Pain
Very caring doctor.....and very pain disappeared after his treatment. He did a minor surgery which was absolutely painless and also died on my pocket

Arunima chakraborty Mukherjee (May, 2016)

I would like to thank Dr abhishek jain for helping me out with my ankle pain. He operated on me through key hole surgery and now I am perfectly alright. He is a gem of a person beside being a good doctor. I wish him all the good luck

Prashant (May, 2016)

Visited For Heel Pain
Being a physiotherapist, I knew I was suffering from plantar fasciitis but could not help it as all the treatment modality failed with other doctors. Dr abhishek jain did a complete spine to toe examination and gave me an insole which he got made for me at his own clinic. Its is a miracle for me. With physiotherapy and insole wearing I ve forgotten my pain in one week time. I would highly recommend Dr jain for any foot problem..he is truely Delhi s foot.

Tripti (May, 2016)

I found Dr abhishek jain and his setup Delhi foot very up to date. He cured my low back achewhich was nagging me for months. I have full faith and confidence in him

Archna (May, 2016)

I want to thank Dr abhishek jain for saving my hand. My fingers were crushed in a machines but after surgery I got my hands back. Thanks to Dr abhishek. He is no less than god to me.

Sabir Ali (May, 2016)

I found Dr jain to be very polite & meticulous. He thoroughly examined me and got to the root of my problem. I was highly impressed by his clinic Delhi foot and his innovative ideas. Wish him all the best

Vikas Kumar (May, 2016)

Visited For Knee Pain
I would higher recommend Dr abhishek jain for any orthopedic problem. I was diagnosed meniscal injury in left knee. Dr jain did arthroscopy and during entire 2 day stay in hospital I didn't feel any pain and now with physiotherapy I be completely forgotten the pain. Thank you Dr abhishek .

Meena Saxena (May, 2016)

Visited For Foot Pain
Very polite and knowledgeable doctor. he believes in educating the patient before treating . very beautiful ambience with state of art technology.

Snehil Jain (May, 2016)


Sidharth, 2018

Al Amin Tushar, 2018


Kalika Jain, jan 2018

Ashutosh Srivastava, Jan 2018

Pawan Hora, Dec 2017

Sini Sharma, 2016