Welcome to Delhi Foot

Welcome to Delhi Foot, the one and 1st of its kind orthopedic center in India with high intentions and specialization for treating all kinds of foot and ankle ailments. With a dedicated team of orthopedician, diabetologist, physiotherapists and nutritionist, our motto is to give quality services all under one roof. Proper foot care is something most of us are not aware of unless a problem literally arise and put as out of step. Foot and ankle problems are one of the most common health ailments and everyone at one point in life time suffers from such issues. India is the diabetic capital of the world and the importance of treatment and prevention of a diabetic foot merits utmost priority. At Delhi Foot, we take pride in offering diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for any lower limb problem ranging from trauma, diabetic complications to improving a runner or athlete’s efficiency.


  • Polytrauma , foot & ankle fractures, and soft tissue injuries.

  • Diabetic foot, Charcot foot, Non healing ulcers.

  • Deformed and ailing toes, Hallux valgus, Hallux varus.

  • Flat foot, High arch foot.

  • Corns and callus.

  • Low back ache.

  • Degenerative hip and knee arthritis.

  • Footwear and running prescription for runners and athletes.

  • Prevention of sports injuries and sports wear& tear of the body


Associated Hospitals

Kalkaji, New Delhi
Saket, New Delhi